Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WhiteDay (Demo)

WhiteDay (화이트데이)
System: PC
Publisher: Sonnori
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: 09/25/01

In Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, the holidays of Valentine's Day and White Day work in conjunction. On Valentine's Day (February 14th), women are expected to give chocolate gifts to men. On White Day (March 14th), the opposite applies; men are expected to give gifts to women, and as an unspoken rule of return, said gifts are generally expected to be more expensive in cost.
The game itself apparently opens around said holiday, as our protagonist is seen to approach an apparent crush by the name of So Young.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


...Iru! (・・・いる!, lit. "...Coming!")
System: PlayStation
Publisher: Takara
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: 3/26/98

Consider the situation: you and an apparent friend are working on a stand of some sort for an upcoming school festival. You spend so much time on this task that, by the time you are 'done', it has become late; the windows reveal that darkness has fallen upon your [Japanese hamlet of choice]. You decide to leave, but find that the ways out have been blocked. The teenage drama than begins to build around you; the students that aren't actively looking for a way out seem to have a tendency to either shy away from you or slug you in the face.